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Once Upon A Love Story


It was Nesa's senior year at Xavier University of Louisiana and she was in the process of going on pharmacy school interviews. Her first interview was at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. The evening after her interview, she received a call from the admissions committee letting her know she was accepted. Shortly after, she was invited to join a Facebook Group for the incoming class. A few days later she received a friend request on Facebook from you guessed it, Bryan Bell. Nesa didn't think anything of it . Nesa returned to New Orleans to finish out the Fall Semester before returning home for Winter Break. Winter Break came along and she received a DM notification from none other than Bryan . He introduced himself and congratulated her on being accepted into pharmacy school. After talking about UTHSC, Bryan asked if she knew about anything going on for New Years Eve. Keep in mind, Nesa has been in New Orleans the past 4 years and rarely in Memphis lol. Nesa responded no and that was the end of the conversation. A few days later Bryan asked if they could exchange numbers. Nesa was apprehensive so she consulted with her best friend Kayrah. Kayrah insisted there was no harm especially since she didn't know anyone in pharmacy school . Nesa also noticed Bryan attended MTSU for undergrad. She immediately called her best friend Miesha and high school friend Krissy to get the scoop. Surprisingly, they had nothing bad to say so she gave in and exchanged numbers. They talked off and on while Nesa was still at Xavier , but nothing too serious. During the Spring semester, Nesa returned home to attend Pharmacy Weekend at UTHSC. That Saturday, she attended the Pharmacy Formal and ran into Bryan there. They chatted for a while and Bryan asked if he could take her on a date when she returned to Memphis before graduation. She agreed. Once Nesa moved back to Memphis they began to hang out more and the rest is history. Who would have ever thought that a DM would lead to a marriage. Needless to say, ladies you might want to respond to those DM's lol.



TheStart of Happily Ever After


On December 21, 2020, he asked and she said YES! Every year, we host an ugly sweater party to celebrate the holidays with our friends. Usually , Bryan is not interested in helping plan, but for once he wanted to contribute a lot of ideas. Bryan kept insisting on having a host ugly sweater competition. Both of us would have to be blindfolded (which Nesa wasn't a fan of at all), and the guests would pick who had the best ugliest sweater. Bryan also insisted that he take over the "aux" which was another red flag because he never wants to be the DJ at any functions lol. The blindfolds were taken off and Nesa looked down and saw she lost the game. She immediately became irritated because she hates to lose lol. She was so caught up in the game that she didn't notice Bryan had changed out of his ugly sweater and into a shirt with ornaments that said "Will You Marry Me?" Bryan admitted that this threw him for a loop and he had to shift gears. Once Nesa realized what was happening, she sat down and drank her Red Bull. Yes, you read that correct lol. Her friends pushed her up and Bryan got on one knee. What shocked everyone, was that only a select few knew that a proposal was happening that night. Can you imagine the shock, laughter, tears and happiness in the room? It was truly a night they will never forget.

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